Kenzo the golfer

One of Kenzo’s passions in life is golf.  Along with his Dad, Kenzo has spent quite a considerable amount of time perfecting his game.   From the approach to the first tee box, to the last few inches of the putt on the last hole, Kenzo’s passion and respect for the game remains unbroken. Not even a hospital bed can keep Kenzo from getting into the game, as you can witness from one of his videos.

Kenzo was only 4 years old when received his first set of golf clubs as a Christmas gift from his Dad.  He caught on to the game quite naturally, and by the time he was 8 years old, he was taking golf lessons at the Australian Golf Academy in Hong Kong.

A year later, he began taking part in golf tournaments, and at only 9 years old Kenzo was a Runner-Up in the “Australian Golf Academy Under 11 Tournament”.

In the years that followed, Kenzo would join his Dad and his Dad’s colleagues for rounds of golf at Kau Sai Chau, often beating their scores.  The adults would even try to improve their own game by watching Kenzo’s swing and picking up tips for themselves.

Every Sunday, Kenzo’s Dad would take him to the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course.  The regular games became a tradition for the pair, one which remained unbroken until Kenzo’s health deteriorated.

After he was diagnosed with Leukemia, Kenzo would continue to come out to play a few holes as his strength would allow him.  While his driving distance may have decreased slightly because of his condition, his accuracy and his absolute love for the game has never waivered.  Seeing just how much Kenzo was missing the game during his long stays at the hospital, his Dad snuck in a golfing video game, bringing a much needed burst of positive energy to Kenzo.

For some free golfing tips for yourself, have a look at his YouTube videos.  They just may come in handy during your next outing!


4 thoughts on “Kenzo the golfer

  1. lucy says:

    hi kenzo you dont know me i am a girl at island school who will be in ur class i hope enough money is raised to get u fit aand healthy again. And i will enjoy meeting u as i have heard so many nice things about u from
    Lucy Acheson

  2. Alice Zhang 7R says:

    Hey Kenzo, this is Alice, I am also in 7R and I hope u get better and I can meet you.

  3. October 11, 2012 at 10:14
    Kei Mo Kit (Ms)

    Amazing! Started playing golf at 8? And was good at it? I never played golf. I like dancing and danced for 2 hours this afternoon in a community centre in Tuen Mun. I am 69, a retired secondary school English teacher. I will remember you in my buddhist prayer.

  4. Y Kojima says:


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