Matching Grant Announced!

Dear Fellow Supporters,

My name is Andrew Simon, and I am the Principal Clarinetist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic.

Recently, along with many of you, I received a HK$6,000 Government Scheme Gift from the Hong Kong Government for doing nothing. It wasn’t a tax refund, it wasn’t earned and it wasn’t invested. I have already spent it and I cannot remember on what – perhaps a few movies or good meals.

I want a second chance at putting HK$6,000 towards something meaningful – something which I will always remember and which can make a serious difference in Kenzo and his family’s life.  Something which will enable my colleague Kaori to resume her musical contributions to the Hong Kong Philharmonic and the city’s cultural life.

I would like to announce a Donation Challenge where I will match your donations up to HK$6,000 to Kenzo’s Fund.

If you want to join me in putting this government gift to good use, please send your contribution to:

Hong Kong Philharmonic Society, Ltd., Level 8,
Attention: Kenzo Fund – Matching Grant
Administration Building,
Hong Kong Cultural Center,
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Make your cheques payable to: Y.S. Liu Foundation Ltd. This Challenge expires on October 22nd, so please have your cheques dated prior to that.  Be sure to mark Kenzo Fund Matching Grant on the envelope or the cheque.

I will toast you as I am spending the tax deduction from this donation on something fun!

Musically Yours,

Andrew Simon
Principal Clarinet,
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra


One thought on “Matching Grant Announced!

  1. Brilliant suggest Andrew! do you mean you will match every donation up to a total of $6000 out of your pocket or every donation?

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