What a night!

Wow. What a fantastic night this was, and what a huge difference all of you have made in Kenzo’s life.

Thank you ALL who came, performed, donated, and helped make this evening a tremendous success. Thank you to all the kids and families from Glenealy and Island Schools for all your fantastic work. Thank you to all the HKPhil musicians who offered such an eclectic program. Thank you to the HKPhil staff who came and helped with this event. Thank you to the University of HK for your support throughout the evening.

Through your generous help, “Playing for Kenzo” has now raised just over HK$1,000,000, with more than HK$575,000 of it having been contributed last night alone.

Every dollar will go directly to Kenzo and the Wilson family, and be used towards all the necessary treatments and operations he will need on his road to recovery.

It was truly a magical night, and we thank you for all that you have done!

Here’s to Kenzo!


One thought on “What a night!

  1. Great to hear about the successful concert. I am trying to send funds but my bank needs an address for the recipient Y.S. Liu Foundation. Could you supply that please?

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